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My Karaoke SongBook

Home Of Crazy Gary Lucky; KJ/DJ; And The Blazin' Country Band



Welcome to my web site!

Hello; I'm Gary Lucky. Billy Dean and I have a band called Blazin' Country. Thats us in the picture below. We play classic country and just a little of other things like; old and southern rock, and blues.

 I,m also a KJ/ DJ.

Guess I just love music!


Billy to your left and me in the hat to your right

 I am a singer/songwriter from Texas. I've been in the music industry for many many years. I've had the pleasure of performing with many top country artists.
 On this site you will find out how to book the band and/or Karaoke shows; as well as where we are performing. I will also add pictures so you can know a little more about Billy Dean and me as well.
 You will be able to contact me directly; and soon will find all the information you need to; purchase CD's, Videos; and/or get the machanical right to record my original songs.
 My hope is that you tell me what you think; and maybe give me suggestions about the music and the site in general.
 To contact me go to the Karaoke Song page; and click the link at the bottom of the page.
Thank you so much