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Karaoke SongBook

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Artist Title Song #
Vacation Connie Francis CB90211-1
Valance, Ricky Tell Laura I Love Her ZMGY60-10
Vale, Jerry Al Di La MMSTA2-3-7
Vale, Jerry For Mama MMSTA2-2-7
Valens, Richie Come On, Let's Go CBEP454-4-9
Valens, Richie Donna CBEP454-4-5
Valens, Richie Donna SC7532-12
Valens, Richie La Bamba CBE1-14-5
Valens, Richie La Bamba SGB1005-21
Valentine Mcbride CB90026-11_-0
Valentine McBride, Martina CB80002-3
Valentine McBride, Martina SC7600-4
Valentine McBride, Martina CB60043-10
Valentine McBride, Martina CB80006-11
Valli, Frankie Grease CBEP468-6-3
Valli, Frankie My Eyes Adored You CBEP474-1-7
Valli, Frankie My Eyes Adored You CBEP464-6-12
Valli, Frankie Oh What A Night SGB1009-3
valotte lennon, julian SC8942-5
Van Dyke, Leroy Auctioneer CBEP451-2-5
Van Dyke, Leroy Walk On By CBEP451-3-5
Van Dyke, Leroy Walk On By CB60132-12
Van Halen Jump KB22832-4
Van Halen Jump CBEP467-4-9
Van Halen Jump SC8106-12
Van Halen Why Can't This Be Love KB22832-12
Van Halen You Really Got Me SFMW803-13
Van Warmer, Randy Just When I Needed You Most SC8151-1
Vandenburg Burning Heart SC8373-5
Vandross, Luther Best Things In Life Are Free, The SFMW812-8
Vandross, Luther Dance With My Father SC8852-9
Vandross, Luther Don't Want To Be A Fool MMRB04-7
Vandross, Luther Here And Now MMRB04-4
Vandross, Luther Here And Now CBEP463-2-9
Vandross, Luther Here And Now SC8126-10
Vandross, Luther Your Secret Love SC8320-7
Vandross, Vandross & Mariah Carey Endless Love CBEP471-4-2
Vanilla Ice Ice Ice Baby CB80074-1
Vanity Fare Hitchin' A Ride ZMH003-13
Vanwarmer, Randy Just When I Needed You Most CBEP474-5-15
Various Artists Lady Marmalade ZML004-11
Vassar, Phil American Child KB30672-6
Vassar, Phil Carlene MMCOU303-9
Vassar, Phil Carlene CB80017-12
Vassar, Phil Carlene SC8578-12
Vassar, Phil Carlene CBEP461-4-13
Vassar, Phil Just Another Day In Paradise CB80018-7
Vassar, Phil Six Pack Summer MMCOU301-2
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Crossfire KB30702-7
Vaughan, Stevie Ray Sky Is Crying, The KB30702-1
Vaughn, Sarah Tenderly MMSTA2-4-12
Vaughn, Stevie Ray Pride And Joy SC7597-5
Vaya Con Dios Mary Ford & Les Paul SC8521-6
vee, bobby bobby vee medley 1 (fast songs) ZMP024-12
vee, bobby bobby vee medley 2 (slow songs) ZMP024-13
vee, bobby come back when you grow up ZMP024-9
vee, bobby devil or angel ZMP024-1
vee, bobby how many tears ZMP024-5
vee, bobby more than i can say ZMP024-4
Vee, Bobby Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The ZMGY63-7
vee, bobby night has a thousand eyes, the ZMP024-10
vee, bobby please don't ask about barbara ZMP024-11
vee, bobby rubber ball ZMP024-2
Vee, Bobby Run To Him SFMW813-5
vee, bobby run to him ZMP024-8
vee, bobby sharing you ZMP024-6
vee, bobby stayin' in ZMP024-7
vee, bobby take good care of my baby ZMP024-3
Vee, Bobby Take Good Care Of My Baby CBEP455-2-11
Vee, Bobby Take Good Care Of My Baby ZMGY61-13
Vega, Suzanne Luka SFMW811-12
Vehicle Ides Of March SC7587-11
Velcro Fly Zz Top SC8939-12
venus avalon, frankie LG157-17
venus in blue jeans clanton, jimmy SC8396-14
Vera, Billy At The Moment SGB1003-22
Vera, Billy & The Beaters At This Moment SC7529-10
Vertical Horizon Everything You Want CBEP470-1-11
Vertical Horizon You're A God CBEP470-2-15
Vertigo U2 CBEP485-5-1
Very Special Debra Laws SC8405-13
Vidal, Maria Body Rock ZMH008-10
Video (Radio Version) Indiaarie SC8695-6
Vienna Billy Joel SGB0022-9
View To A Kill, A Duran Duran SC8292-12
Village People, The In The Navy CBEP468-6-5
Village People, The Macho Man SGB1009-8
Village People, The Macho Man CBEP468-6-10
Village People, The Y.M.C.A. SGB1009-4
Village People, The Y.M.C.A. ZML005-21
Village People, The YMCA SC7511-11
Vince Gill I Still Believe In You CBE3-07-15
Vince Gill Whenever You Come Around CBE3-08-15
Vince Gill - wvocals KINDLY KEEP IT COUNTRY THC9812-6
Vince Vance & Company All I Want For Christmas Is You CBEP462-4-10
Vincent, Gene Be Bop A Lula SC7517-13
Vincent, Gene Be-bop-a-lula SC1006-6
Vincent, Rhonda Driving Nails In My Coffin CBEP476-5-1
Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage† Bluegrass Express CBEP476-4-6
Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage† Cry Of The Whippoorwill CBEP476-1-3
Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage† Is The Grass Any Bluer On The Other Side CBEP476-3-6
Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage† Martha White Theme CBEP476-2-1
Vincent, Rhonda & The Rage† When The Angels Sing CBEP476-6-16
Vindicated Dashboard Confessional SC8883-10
Vinton, Bobby Beer Barrel Polka CBEP469-6-15
Vinton, Bobby Blue On Blue CBEP455-6-16
Vinton, Bobby Blue Velvet CB80045-12
Vinton, Bobby Roses Are Red SC7526-10
Vinton, Bobby Roses Are Red My Love CBEP455-4-7
Virtual Insanity Jamiraquai SC8389-10
Vision Of Love Carey, Mariah SC8100-3
Vitamin C Graduation CB80021-12
Vitamin C Itch, The CBEP470-6-12
Viva Las Vegas Grascals, The & Dolly Parton SC8965-13
Viva Las Vegas Presley, Elvis CB9063-9
Voice Of Eujena Brother Cane SC8257-7
Voice Within, The Aguilera, Christina SC8858-5
voices disturbed SC8673-7
Voices Carry Til Tuesday SC7587-5
Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) Martin, Dean CB80040-13
Volcano Girls Veruca Salt SC8377-2
Volunteers Jefferson Airplane SC8861-5
Von Bondies, The Címon Címon SC8876-9
Vows Go Unbroken, The Rogers, Kenny CB60149-6
Vows Go Unbroken, The Rogers, Kenny SC8217-14