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Karaoke SongBook

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Title Artist Song #
Ja Rule Clap Back, The SC8858-9
Ja Rule & Ashanti Always On Time SC8735-7
Jaci Velasquez Imagine Me Without You SC-8661-1
Jack & Diane Mellencamp, John Cougar SC8153-10
Jack And Diane Mellencamp, John Cougar MMCH02-8
Jack Daniels If You Please Coe, David Allan CB90115-5
Jack Daniels If You Please David Allan Coe CBE3-04-8
Jack In The Box Rodgers, Clodagh ZMH013-5
Jack Scott Burning Bridges SC8575-7
Jackie Blue Ozark Mountain Daredevils CBEP474-6-7
Jackson Cash, Johnny & June Carter CBEP471-5-5
Jackson Chatahoochie MM6174-06-0
Jackson Chatahoochie NUKH008-05-0
Jackson Chatahoochie SAV18-04-0
Jackson Pop A Top CB60191-01-0
Jackson Sinatra, Nancy & Lee Hazlewood CBEP471-2-4
Jackson Tropical Depression MM6174-05-0
jackson When_Somebody_Loves_You SC8690-07_-0
jackson 5, the abc SC8863-12
jackson 5, the i want you back SC8863-6
Jackson, Alan Blues Man, The CB90249-6
Jackson, Alan Chasin' That Neon Rainbow SC8200-9
Jackson, Alan Chattahoochee SC8819-3
jackson, alan dallas CB60106-1
Jackson, Alan Don't Rock The Jukebox SC8819-9
Jackson, Alan Drive (For Daddy Gene) SC8819-7
Jackson, Alan Drive (For Daddy Gene) CB90249-8
Jackson, Alan Gone Country SC8819-5
Jackson, Alan Gone Crazy CB90249-3
Jackson, Alan Gone Crazy SC8951-4
Jackson, Alan Gone Crazy SC8819-4
Jackson, Alan Here In The Real World CB60087-1
Jackson, Alan I'd Love You All Over Again SC8819-1
Jackson, Alan I'll Go On Loving You SC8480-3
jackson, alan i'll go on loving you CB80010-4
jackson, alan i'll go on loving you CB60105-14
Jackson, Alan I'll Try SC8239-5
Jackson, Alan It Must Be Love CB90249-7
Jackson, Alan It Must Be Love SC8819-10
Jackson, Alan It's Alright To Be A Redneck CB90249-1
jackson, alan it's alright to be a redneck CB80030-2
Jackson, Alan Like Red on a Rose CB60356-6
Jackson, Alan Little Bitty CB80007-5
Jackson, Alan Little Man CB60178-1
Jackson, Alan Little Man CB90249-9
Jackson, Alan Livin' On Love SC8167-3
Jackson, Alan Love's Got A Hold On You SC8234-2
jackson, alan mercury blues 032-10-MMCOU10510
Jackson, Alan Monday Morning Church SC8898-2
Jackson, Alan Monday Morning Church CB90249-13
Jackson, Alan My Own Kind Of Hat CB60193-13
Jackson, Alan Pop A Top CB90249-4
Jackson, Alan Remember When CB60317-5
Jackson, Alan Remember When CB90249-14
Jackson, Alan Right On The Money CB80009-15
Jackson, Alan She Just Started Liking Cheatin' Songs CB60193-1
Jackson, Alan She's Got The Rhythm (And I Got The Blue MMCOU102-5
jackson, alan someday 032-17-MMCOU10517
jackson, alan summertime blues MMCOU101-5
Jackson, Alan Summertime Blues SC8819-6
Jackson, Alan Talkin' Song Repair Blues, The CB60338-1
jackson, alan talkin' song repair blues, the SC8923-8
jackson, alan tall tall trees MMCOU103-18
Jackson, Alan That'd Be Alright SD104-3
Jackson, Alan That'd Be Alright CB90249-10
Jackson, Alan Too Much Of A Good Thing SC8884-2
Jackson, Alan Too Much Of A Good Thing CB90249-15
Jackson, Alan Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Good Thing CB60326-4
Jackson, Alan Usa Today CB60343-1
Jackson, Alan Walk On The Rocks SC8351-13
jackson, alan where i come from CB80028-2
Jackson, Alan Where I Come From CB90249-2
Jackson, Alan Where I Come From SC8819-2
Jackson, Alan Where Were You CB90249-11
Jackson, Alan Where Were You (When The World Stopped T SC8819-8
Jackson, Alan Who's Cheatin' Who CB80008-9
Jackson, Alan Woman's Love, A CB60360-1
Jackson, Alan Www.memory SC8652-13
Jackson, Alan Www.Memory SC8819-13
Jackson, Alan WWW.Memory(1) CB90249-5
Jackson, Alan & Alison Krauss Angles Cried, The CB60210-10
Jackson, Alan & Jimmy Buffett It's Five O'clock Somewhere CB90249-12
Jackson, Freddie Jam Tonight SC8755-13
jackson, janet all for you CB80032-2
jackson, janet just a little while CBEP4851-14
jackson, janet nasty SC8863-4
jackson, janet pleasure principal, the SC8863-14
Jackson, Janet Someone To Call My Lover CB80033-4
jackson, janet together again CBE1-28-13
Jackson, Janet Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me SC8472-10
Jackson, Joe Look Sharp! SC8719-10
Jackson, Joe Steppin' Out SC8719-11
Jackson, Joe Sunday Papers SC8886-5
jackson, mahalia we shall overcome CBE3-14-15
Jackson, Michael Black Or White SC8371-3
Jackson, Michael Butterflies SC8735-6
Jackson, Michael Childhood SC8195-2
Jackson, Michael Heal The World SC8371-10
Jackson, Michael One More Chance CBEP485-5-15
Jackson, Michael She's Out Of My Life SFMW840-6
Jackson, Michael Thriller SFMW840-5
Jackson, Michael You Rock My World SC8726-15
Jackson, Stonewall Life To Go SC8491-12
jade don't walk away SC8374-10
Jaded Aerosmith CBEP470-5-5
Jagged Edge Goodbye SC8735-8
jagged edge promise SC8673-8
Jagger, Mick God Gave Me Everything SC8732-3
Jailhouse Rock Blues Brothers, The LG190-8
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis ZMP001-2
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis SC1004-3
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis MMCOU104-4
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis LG025-9
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis SC7521-10
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis SC8155-10
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis ZML005-11
Jailhouse Rock Presley, Elvis SGB1008-20
Jambalaya Williams, Hank CB60015-6
Jambalaya (On The Bayou) Williams, Hank CB90145-6
Jambalaya On The Bayou Williams, Hank CBE1-01-7
James Gang, The Walk Away SC8210-3
James Taylor Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight SGB0022-10
James, Brett Worth The Fall SC8239-10
James, Elmore Dust My Broom SC8814-11
James, Etta At Last SC8575-3
james, etta i just want to make love to you SC8675-8
James, Etta I Just Want To Make Love To You SC8600-15
James, Etta I'd Rather Go Blind SC8814-10
James, Rick Super Freak SC8704-3
James, Sonny Young Love CB80039-2
james, tommy & shondells crystal blue persuasion CBE3-18-4
James, Tommy & The Shondells Mony Mony SC8441-12
Jamiraquai Virtual Insanity SC8389-10
jan & dean dead man's curve SC8258-10
Jane's Addiction Jane Says SC8603-4
Janet Jackson Black Cat SFMW833-3
Janie Baker's Love Slave Shenandoah CB90033-10
Janis Ian From Me To You SC8510-7
Japan I Second That Emotion SFMW831-7
Japan Quiet Life SFMW832-8
Jarreau, Al Wait For The Magic SC8244-11
Jarreau, Al We're In This Love Together MM6112-6
Jason Sellers, Can't Help Calling Your N CB60198-5
jay & the americans come a little bit closer MMOLD05-6
Jay-Z 99 Problems SC8879-6
Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder(1) SC8878-10
Jay-Z Girls Girls Girls SC8731-2
Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles '03 Bonnie & Clyde SC8853-2
Jealous Bone Loveless, Patty CB90048-13
Jealous Guy Lennon, John ZMH005-1
Jealous Guy Lennon, John ZML001-18
Jealousy Fury, Billy LG030-2
jealousy fury, billy ZMP020-6
Jeans On Dundas, David ZMH001-12
Jeepers Creepers Bennett, Tony CBEP469-1-16
Jeff & Sheri Easter My Country CB60318-11
Jeff Buckley Grace SFMW859-6
Jeff Healey Band, The Blue Jean Blues SGB0027-9
Jeff Healey Band, The Confidence Man SGB0027-7
Jefferson Airplane Somebody To Love SC8353-13
Jefferson Airplane Volunteers SC8861-5
jefferson starship jane LC05-12
Jefferson, Paul Check Please SC8294-5
jefferson, paul check please MMCOU103-11
Jefferson, Paul Fear Of A Broken Heart SC8311-8
Jeffersons TV Theme SC8116-22
Jenkins Blame It On Mama SC8881-10
Jenkins Blame It On Mama CB60322-13
Jenkins Getaway Car SD124-10
Jenkins, The Getawy Car CB60327-10
Jennifer Eccles Hollies ZMP007-11
Jennings Rainy Day Women SAV19-15-0
Jennings, Lyfe Must Be Nice SC8935-5
Jennings, Shooter 4Th Of July CB60338-15
Jennings, Shooter Gone To Carolina CB60356-13
Jennings, Shooter Steady At The Wheel CB60348-1
Jennings, Waylon America TU187-2
jennings, waylon america CB80014-4
Jennings, Waylon Are You Ready For The Countr CB60079-10
Jennings, Waylon Are You Ready For The Country TU187-3
Jennings, Waylon Are Your Sure Hank Done It This Way TU187-4
Jennings, Waylon Bob Wills Is Still The King TU187-5
Jennings, Waylon Can't You See TU187-6
Jennings, Waylon Cowboy Movies SC8309-12
Jennings, Waylon Don't You Think TU187-7
Jennings, Waylon Drinkin' And Dreamin TU187-8
Jennings, Waylon Drinkin' And Dreamin' SC7568-6
Jennings, Waylon I'm A Ramblin' Man TU187-9
Jennings, Waylon I've Always Been Crazy TU187-10
Jennings, Waylon Lucille TU187-12
Jennings, Waylon Luckenbach, Texas CB60027-7
Jennings, Waylon Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be TU187-13
Jennings, Waylon Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line TU187-15
Jennings, Waylon Rainy Day Woman TU187-16
Jennings, Waylon Rose In Paradise TU187-17
Jennings, Waylon Shine TU187-18
Jenny From The Block Lopez, Jennifer CBEP473-1-1
Jermaine Jackson Let's Get Serious SC8984-11
Jerry Corbetta & Sugarloaf Don't Call Us, We'll Call You SC8539-1
Jerry Kilgore Love Trip SC8560-4
Jessi Colter I'm Not Lisa SC7588-12
Jessica Irresistible SC8702-04-0
Jessie's Girl Springfield, Rick CBEP467-1-11
Jessie’s Girl Springfield, Rick SC7580-12
Jesus And Mama Confederate Railroad, The SC8130-13
Jesus Came Out Alive Free, Brian & Assurance CBEP466-6-8
Jesus Found Me Hinsons, The CBEP466-2-9
Jesus Is Calling Gospel CBEP456-1-9
Jesus Loves Me Gospel CBEP456-6-12
Jesus Loves The Little Children Gospel CBEP456-6-14
Jesus Paid It All Gospel CBEP456-5-2
Jesus Saves Gospel CBEP456-1-4
Jesus! The Very Thought Of Thee Gospel CBEP456-4-12
Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl SC8905-8
Jet Are You Gonna Be My Girl CBEP485-5-16
jet get me outta here SFMW860-4
Jet Look What You've Done SC8924-7
Jet Look What Youve Done CBEP485-6-11
Jet Airliner Miller, Steve MMCH04-7
Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick - Fixed SC8895-15
jett, joan dirty deeds SC8942-12
Jewel Standing Still SC8731-4
Jewel Standing Still CB80033-11
Jewel You Were Meant For Me SC8340-1
Jewell, Buddy One Step At A Time SC8881-9
Jewell, Buddy Sweet Southern Comfort CB60318-13
Jewish Favorites Adon Olam SC8166-3
Jewish Favorites Al Kol Eleh SC8166-11
Jewish Favorites Dayenu SC8166-12
Jewish Favorites Halleluya SC8166-6
Jewish Favorites Hanukah Medley SC8166-7
Jewish Favorites Hatikva SC8166-5
Jewish Favorites Havah Nagilah SC8166-14
Jewish Favorites Haveinu Shalom Aleichem SC8166-1
Jewish Favorites Jerushalayim Shel Zahav SC8166-8
Jewish Favorites Oif 'N' Pripitchok SC8166-9
Jewish Favorites Ose Shalom SC8166-10
Jewish Favorites Rojenkes Mit Mandlin SC8166-15
Jewish Favorites Shalom Aleichem SC8166-2
Jewish Favorites Siman Tov SC8166-13
Jewish Favorites Tzena SC8166-4
Jim & Jesse Old Slew Foot CB60266-14
Jimi Hendrix All Along The Watchtower SGB0028-4
Jimi Hendrix Stone Free SGB0025-2
Jimmie Brown The Newsboy Wiseman, Mac CBEP476-3-13
Jimmie's Chicken Shack Do Right (RV) SC8593-3
Jimmy Harder They Come, The SC8947-09-0
Jimmy Buffett and Martina McBride Trip Around The Sun SD124-8
Jimmy Eat World Middle, The SC8740-13
Jimmy Eat World Pain SC8906-5
Jimmy Eat World Work SC8914-11
Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs Sugar Shack SC7554-14
Jimmy Mack Martha & The Vandellas CBEP459-6-4
Jimmy Olsen's Blues Spin Doctors, The SC8132-6
Jingle Bell Rock ChristmasHelms, Bobby CB60037-5
Jingle Bells Christmas CB60031-1
Jingle Bells Christmas CB60035-2
Jingle Bells ChristmasReminiscing SC7030-5
Jingle Bells ChristmasThomas, B J CB60037-6
Jingle Bells ChristmasWilson, Jennifer CB60187-11
Jingle Bells Traditional CBEP462-1-1
Jingle Bells Traditional SC8086-6
Jive Talkin' Bee Gees, The CBEP474-1-4
Jo Dee Messina Lesson In Leavin' SGB0017-7
jo jo leave(get 0ut) CBEP4851-15
Jo, Erika I Break Things CB60340-8
Joanna Walker, Scott SFMW817-15
Joe All The Things SC8257-1
joe i wanna know SC8613-10
Joe Let's Stay Home Tonight SC8740-2
Joe Poor Me CB60110-05-0
joe & mystikal stutter SC8680-6
Joe Diffie Night To Remember, A SC8528-10
Joe Nichols Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off CB60343-5
Joel, Billy An Innocent Man SC8573-3
Joel, Billy Don't Ask Me Why SC8393-7
joel, billy you may be right LG090-14
John Better Than A Biscuit CB60110-07-0
John Anderson I've Got It Made SC8133-5
John Anderson Money In The Bank SC8142-7
John Berry I Will If You Will MM6199-6
John Deere Green Diffie, Joe CB90019-9
John Doe No. 24 Carpenter, Mary Chapin SC8152-12
John Lennon Watching The Wheels SC8510-2
John M.Montgomery Hello L O V E SC8528-5
John Michael Little Girl, The CB60206-12_-0
John Michael Montgomery ain't_got_nothin'_on_us CB90021-15
John Michael Montgomery Angel in My Eyes SC8409-12
John Michael Montgomery angel_in_my_eyes CB90021-12
John Michael Montgomery be_my_baby_tonight CB90021-4
John Michael Montgomery cover_you_in_kisses CB90021-14
John Michael Montgomery friends CB90021-9
John Michael Montgomery Hello L.o.v.e. SGB0017-5
John Michael Montgomery how_was_i_to_know CB90021-11
John Michael Montgomery i_can_love_you_like_that CB90021-5
John Michael Montgomery i_love_the_way_you_love_me CB90021-2
John Michael Montgomery i_miss_you_a_little CB90021-10
John Michael Montgomery i_swear CB90021-3
John Michael Montgomery if_you've_got_love CB90021-7
John Michael Montgomery life's_a_dance CB90021-1
John Michael Montgomery long_as_i_live CB90021-8
John Michael Montgomery love_working_on_you CB90021-13
John Michael Montgomery sold CB90021-6
John Roland Wood Dodd, Deryl SC3144-7
John Schneider I've Been Around Enought To Know SC7555-8
John, Elton Believe CB90171-14
John, Elton Benny & The Jets CB90171-1
John, Elton Bitch Is Back, The SC8134-9
John, Elton Burn Down The Mission SC8939-2
John, Elton Can You Feel The Love Tonight CB90171-15
John, Elton Candle In The Wind CB90171-3
John, Elton Candle In The Wind SC8134-7
John, Elton Club At The End Of The Street SC8134-2
John, Elton Crocodile Rock CB90171-2
john, elton crocodile rock CBE1-22-3
John, Elton Daniel SC8134-5
John, Elton Don't Go Breaking My Heart CB90171-12
john, elton empty garden (hey hey johnny) SC8687-1
John, Elton Friends SC8134-11
John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road CB90171-6
John, Elton Healing Hands SC8134-10
John, Elton Honky Cat SC8861-13
John, Elton I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That SC8134-1
John, Elton I Don't Want To Go On With You Like That CB90171-13
John, Elton I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blue SC8134-8
John, Elton Island Girl CB90171-4
John, Elton Last Song, The MM6112-14
John, Elton Levon SC8134-4
John, Elton Little Jeannie CB90171-5
John, Elton Little Jeannie SC8134-13
John, Elton Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds CB90171-7
john, elton mad man across the water SC8821-14
John, Elton Philadelphia Freedom CB90171-8
John, Elton Rocket Man CB90171-10
John, Elton Runaway Train SC8302-10
John, Elton Sacrifice SC8134-6
John, Elton Sad Songs Say So Much SC8134-14
John, Elton Simple Life SC8371-13
John, Elton Something About The Way You Look Tonight SC8422-8
John, Elton Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word CB90171-9
John, Elton Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word SC8134-15
John, Elton The Bitch Is Back SC8600-16
John, Elton Tiny Dancer SC8134-3
john, elton your song CBE1-28-5
John, Elton Your Song CB90171-11
John, Elton Your Song SC8134-12
john, olivia newton let me be there CBE1-22-2
Johnny I Can See Clearly Now SC8947-15-0
Johnny Angel Fabares, Shelley CBE1-14-6
Johnny Angel Fabares, Shelley SC1003-6
Johnny Angel Fabares, Shelley SC7513-13
Johnny B. Goode Berry, Chuck CBEP454-4-1
Johnny B. Goode Berry, Chuck SC1001-3
Johnny B. Goode Berry, Chuck SC7525-6
Johnny B. Goode Berry, Chuck RB14-7
Johnny Cash The Ways Of A Woman In Love SC8509-7
Johnny Get Your Gun Gibson Miller Band, The SC8324-7
Johnny Gill My My My SC8405-5
Johnny Paycheck Take This Job & Shove It SC8142-2
Johnny Remember Me Leyton, John ZMGY61-10
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Complicated CB80026-11
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Georgia SC8652-1
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Love & Negotiation CB60356-7
Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Simple Life SC8862-3
Johnson, Jamey Dollar, The SC8959-12
Johnson, Jamey Rebelicious CB60352-5
Johnson, Jamey The Dollar CB60344-11
Join Together Who, The LG037-5
Jojo Baby It's You CBEP485-2-11
Jojo Baby ItÆs You SC8889-6
JoJo Not That Kinda Girl SC8914-8
Joker, The Steve Miller Band, The CBEP464-5-15
Jolene Dolly Parton CBE3-01-8
Jolie & Wanted I Would SC8646-5
Jolly Old St. Nicholas Christmas CB60035-3
Jolly Old St. Nicholas ChristmasHall, Tom T CB60033-13
Jolly Old St. Nicholas ChristmasHunley, Con CB60037-2
Jolly Old St. Nicholas Hunley, Con CBEP462-5-10
Jones When The Last Curtain Falls CB60191-14-0
Jones, Donell You Should Know SC8357-14
Jones, George Billy B. Bad SC8351-3
Jones, George Cold Hard Truth CB60182-9
Jones, George Door, The CB90155-7
Jones, George Finally Friday SC8142-11
Jones, George Grand Tour, The CB60064-1
Jones, George Grand Tour, The CB90075-2
Jones, George He Stopped Loving Her Today CB60250-1
Jones, George High-Tech Redneck CB90155-3
Jones, George Honky Tonk Song SC8319-6
Jones, George Honky-Tonk Myself To Death CB90155-8
Jones, George I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair CB90075-14
Jones, George Just One More SC8383-5
Jones, George Love Bug CB90155-2
jones, george man he was, the CB80030-11
Jones, George Once You've Had The Best CB90155-13
Jones, George One I Loved Back Then, The CB90075-13
Jones, George Right Left Hand, The CB90155-4
Jones, George She Loved A Lot In Her Time CB90155-12
Jones, George She Thinks I Still Care CB90155-5
Jones, George She's My Rock CB90155-9
Jones, George Take Me CB90155-11
Jones, George Walk Through This World With Me CB90155-6
Jones, George When The Grass Grows Over Me CB90155-14
jones, george who's gonna fill their shoes CBE3-06-14
Jones, George Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes CB60286-15
Jones, George Window Up Above, The CB90155-15
Jones, George Wine Colored Roses CB90155-1
Jones, George Writing On The Wall CB90155-10
jones, howard life in one day SC8671-5
Jones, Howard Things Can Only Get Better SC8443-1
jones, howard what is love SC8671-6
Jones, Jimmy Handy Man SC8429-5
jones, johnny give my regards to broadway KC009-6
jones, norah sunrise CBEP4851-13
Jones, Norah Those Sweet Words CBEP485-2-7
Jones, Norah Those Sweet Words SC8906-9
Jones, Tom I Who Have Nothing MM6112-2
Jones, Tom Kiss LG180-10
Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi SC8510-14
jordan, montell this is how we do it SC8746-15-0
Jordan, Montell What's On Tonight SC8357-8
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly SC7592-5
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly MM6189-9
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly SC8104-11
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly SC8136-12
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly MMCOU202-13
Jose Cuervo West, Shelly CBE1-06-14
Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamco Any Dream Will Do SC8547-14
Josh Gracin Nothin' To Lose SD124-7
Josh Joplin Group Camera One CB80035-2
Josh Turner your man CB60343-13
Journey Send Her My Love SC8393-2
Jovi Always. SC2309-04-0
Jovi Bad Medicine. SC2309-03-0
Jovi It's My Life. SC2309-05-0
Jovi Runaway. SC2309-06-0
Jovi Thank You For Loving Me. SC2309-08-0
Jovi This Ain't A Love Song. SC2309-07-0
Jovi Wanted Dead Or Alive. SC2309-02-0
Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name SC2309-01-0
Joy Comes In The Morning Gaithers, The CBEP466-3-12
Joy To The World Christmas CB60031-2
Joy To The World Christmas CB60035-4
Joy To The World ChristmasBoxcar Willie CB60187-10
Joy To The World ChristmasGilley, Mickey CB60033-1
Joy To The World ChristmasReminiscing SC7030-3
Joy To The World Gilley, Mickey CBEP462-2-2
Joy To The World Three Dog Night SC7503-3
Joyce Sims All And All SFMW832-1
Joyce Sims Come Into My Life SFMW832-4
Judas Preist Breaking The Law SC8516-9
Judas Priest Heading Out The Highway SC8928-15
Judas Priest Johnny B. Goode SC8928-10
Judas Priest Revolution(1) SC8914-2
Judas Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin' SC8252-8
Judd heaven_help_my_heart SC8271-02_-0
Judd Only Love SAV17-03-0
Judd, Cledus Goodbye Squirrel(1) TU037-3
Judd, Cledus Indian In Laws TU037-8
Judd, Cledus More Beaver TU037-11
Judd, Cledus T Cledus The Karaoke King CB90099-15
Judd, Cledus T Coronary Life CB90099-6
Judd, Cledus T Did I Shave My Back For This CB90099-13
Judd, Cledus T Every Bulb In The House Is Blown CB90099-12
Judd, Cledus T Grandpa Got Runned Over By A John Deere CB90099-14
Judd, Cledus T Hip Hop To Honky Tonk CB90099-10
Judd, Cledus T How Do You Milk A Cow CB90099-5
Judd, Cledus T If Shania Was Mine CB90099-2
Judd, Cledus T Jackson (Alan That Is) CB90099-11
Judd, Cledus T My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy CB90099-1
Judd, Cledus T Shania I'm Broke CB90099-9
Judd, Cledus T She's Got A Butt Bigger Than The Beatles CB90099-7
Judd, Cledus T She's Iinflatable CB90099-4
Judd, Cledus T Where The Grass Don't Grow CB90099-8
Judd, Cledus T Wives Do I All The Time CB90099-3
Judd, Cledus T. Chicks Did It, The CB60319-14
Judd, Cledus T. Cledus The Karaoke King SC8739-14
Judd, Cledus T. Did I Shave My Back For This SC8739-15
judd, cledus t. paycheck woman SC8923-13
Judd, Cledus T. Plowboy SC8739-4
Judd, Cledus wvocal Goodbye Squirrel TU037-18
Judd, Cledus wvocal Indian In Laws TU037-19
Judd, Cledus wvocal More Beaver TU037-20
judd, wynonna come some rainy day CB90044-14
judd, wynonna freedom CB90044-15
judd, wynonna girls with guitars CB90044-9
judd, wynonna girls with guitars MMCOU101-13
Judd, Wynonna Going Nowhere SC8623-3
judd, wynonna heaven help my heart CB90044-11
judd, wynonna i saw the light CB90044-2
judd, wynonna is it over yet CB90044-7
judd, wynonna my angel is here CB90044-12
judd, wynonna my angel is here CB80003-14
judd, wynonna my strongest weakness CB90044-4
judd, wynonna no one else on earth CB90044-3
judd, wynonna no one else on earth MMCOU103-15
judd, wynonna only love CB90044-6
judd, wynonna rock bottom CB90044-8
judd, wynonna she is his only need CB90044-1
judd, wynonna tell me why CB90044-5
judd, wynonna to be loved by you CB80003-2
judd, wynonna to be loved by you CB90044-10
Judd, Wynonna When Love Starts Talking CB60043-7
Judd, Wynonna When Love Starts Talking CB80006-9
judd, wynonna when love starts talking CB90044-13
judd, wynonna woman to woman CB60115-7
Judds Change Of Heart. SC8157-07-0
Judds, The Born To Be Blue SC8213-13
judds, the change of heart MMCOU101-8
Judds, The Grandpa CB60019-9
Judds, The Love Can Build A Bridge MMCOU102-17
Judds, The Mama He's Crazy SC8217-6
Judds, The One Man Woman SC8133-13
Judds, The Stuck In Love CB60197-3
Judds, The Why Not Me SC8217-4
Judy In Disguise Fred, John & His Playboy Band CBEP472-5-15
Jukebox In My Mind Alabama CBEP453-1-1
Jukebox In My Mind Alabama CB90002-2
Jukebox In My Mind Alabama CB60011-8
Jukebox In My Mind Alabama THMP018-11
Jukebox Junkie Mellons, Ken CB60042-9
Jukebox With A Country Song Stone, Doug SC8105-8
Jukebox With A Country Song Stone, Doug CB60010-10
Jukebox With A Country Song, A Stone, Doug CBEP453-3-5
Jules, Gary Mad World SC8885-13
Julia Beatles, The RSZ623-17
Julia Rea, Chris ZMH002-14
Julie Do You Love Me White Plains  SFMW813-3
Julie Reeves It's About Time SC8528-3
julie roberts the chance SC3424-3
Jump Van Halen KB22832-4
Jump Van Halen CBEP467-4-9
Jump Van Halen SC8106-12
Jumpin' Jack Flash Rolling Stones, The ZMGY68-6
Jumpin' Jumpin' Destiny's Child CB80021-4
Jumpin' Jumpin' Destiny's Child CB90227-6
Jumpin' Jumpin' Destiny's Child CBEP470-1-6
Just A Dream Clanton, Jimmy SC8196-12
Just A Gigolo Roth, David Lee SGB1009-2
Just A Gigolo Roth, David Lee SC7519-12
Just A Little Liberty X ZML003-9
Just A Little Bit Head, Roy & Traits RB20-1
Just A Little Lovin' Will Go A Long, Lon Arnold, Eddy SC7567-8
Just About Now Hill, Faith SC8324-6
Just Another Day In Paradise Vassar, Phil CB80018-7
Just Another Heartache Wright, Chely CB60045-15
Just Another Love Tucker, Tanya CB60052-11
Just Another Love Tucker, Tanya CB90150-11
Just Another Woman In Love Murray, Anne CB90101-10
Just As I Am Air Supply CB90241-11
Just As I Am Gospel CBEP456-3-9
Just Because Baker, Anita MMRB2-3-17
Just Between You And Me Kinleys, The CB60059-5
Just Call Me Lonesome Foster, Radney CB60057-8
Just Can't Help Falling In Love Presley, Elvis LG026-1
Just Don't Wait Around 'Til She's Leavin Murphy, David Lee CB60045-14
Just Don't Wait Around Til She's Leavin' Murphy, David Lee CBEP460-4-17
Just Don’t Wait Around 'til She's Leavin Murphy, David Lee MMCOU201-11
Just For Tonight Williams, Vanessa MM6000-6
Just Friends Musiq CBEP473-3-2
Just Good Ol' Boys Bandy, Moe CB90117-1
Just Good Ol' Boys Stampley, Joe & Moe Bandy CB90137-5
Just In Time Bennett, Tony MMSTA01-5
Just Let Me Be In Love Byrd, Tracy CB90287-7
Just Like A Pill Pink SC8813-10
Just Like A Pill Pink CBEP473-5-15
Just Like Heaven Cure SC8111-2
Just My Imagination Temptations, The CBEP464-2-16
Just Once Ingram, James SC7509-11
Just Once Ingram, James MMRB2-5-18
Just One Look Hollies ZMP007-3
just one look ronstadt, linda LG088-6
Just One Look Ronstadt, Linda MMCH04-15
Just One Look Troy, Doris CBEP459-6-11
Just One Night McBride & The Ride SC8131-6
Just One Smile Pitney, Gene ZMP004-8
Just One Time Smith, Connie CBE3-02-5
Just Out Of Reach Burke, Solomon RB19-6
Just Remember I Love You Firefall SC8188-9
Just Take My Heart Mr Big SC8373-2
Just The Same Clark, Terri CB60018-8
Just The Two Of Us Washington, Grover Jr. SC8126-9
Just The Two Of Us Washington, Grover Jr. & Bill Withers CBEP467-2-6
Just The Way You Are Joel, Billy CBEP463-1-7
Just The Way You Are Joel, Billy SC7509-14
Just The Way You Are White, Barry SFMW812-7
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw CB90080-2
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw CBEP461-2-13
Just To Prove My Love To You Coe, David Allan CB90115-8
Just To See You Smile McGraw, Tim MMCOU203-1
Just To See You Smile McGraw, Tim CB60029-7
Just To See You Smile Tim Mcgraw CBE3-09-2
Just When I Needed You Most Van Warmer, Randy SC8151-1
Just When I Needed You Most Vanwarmer, Randy CBEP474-5-15
Just You & I Rabbitt, Eddie & Crystal Gayle CBE1-06-7
Justify My Love Madonna SC8800-7
Juvenile & Soulja Slim Slow Motion SC8879-13