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Karaoke SongBook

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Title Artist Song #
R E M Bang & Blame SC8148-2
rabbitt Drinking_My_Baby_Off_My_Mind SC8183-15_-0
Rabbitt C Gayle You And I NUKH008-15-0
Rabbitt, Eddie Every Which Way But Loose CB60027-14
Rabbitt, Eddie I Love A Rainy Night CB60251-4
Rabbitt, Eddie Step By Step CB60122-4
Rabbitt, Eddie We Wish You A Merry Christmas CB60303-15
Rabbitt, Eddie You Don't Love Me Anymore SC8697-15
rabbitt, eddie & crystal gayle just you & i CB80002-11
Rabbittc Gayle You And I SAV18-07-0
Race Is On, The Jones, George CB90075-1
Race Is On, The Jones, George SC7589-4
Race Is On, The Jones, George CBEP451-5-16
Rachael Lampa Live For You SC-8661-5
Radiohead Fake Plastic Trees SC8749-1
Radiohead High & Dry SC8257-9
Radney Foster Willin To Walk SC8160-12
rage against machine how i could just kill a man SC8694-15
rage against machine renegades of funk SC8672-2
Rags To Riches Bennett, Tony CBEP454-1-2
Railroad Trashy Women MM6174-09-0
railroad, confederate when and where NS22-5
Rain Beatles, The RSZ621-15
Rain Madonna LG033-14
Rain, The Oran juice Jones SC8824-4
Rainbow Man Bates, Jeff PHN0312-9
Rainbow Man Bates, Jeff wvocal PHN0312-18
Raindrops Clark, Dee CBEP455-2-10
Raindrops Clark, Dee MMRB04-17
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Thomas, B.J. SC7534-1
Raining In L.A. IIIrd Tyme Out  CBEP476-4-11
Raining On Our Love Twain, Shania MMCOU205-20
Raining On Sunday Urban, Keith PHN0303-7
raining on sunday urban, keith wvocal PHN0303-16
Rainy Day Woman Dylan, Bob MMCH02-1
Rainy Day Woman Dylan, Bob SC7502-15
Rainy Days And Mondays Carpenters, The CB90194-1
Rainy Dayz Blige, Mary J. & Ja Rule CBEP473-3-15
Rainy Night In Georgia Benton, Brook RB21-6
Rainy Night In Georgia, A Benton, Brook CBEP459-6-8
Raitt, Bonnie Come To Me SC8925-3
Raitt, Bonnie Give It Up Or Let Me Go SC8925-2
Raitt, Bonnie Have A Heart SC8925-13
Raitt, Bonnie I Can't Make You Love Me SC8925-8
Raitt, Bonnie Love Letter SC8925-11
Raitt, Bonnie Love Me Like A Man SC8925-6
raitt, bonnie love me like a man SC8675-6
Raitt, Bonnie Love Sneakin' Up On You SC8925-14
Raitt, Bonnie Lover's Will SC8519-11
Raitt, Bonnie Nick Of Time SC8925-10
Raitt, Bonnie Not The Only One SC8925-9
Raitt, Bonnie One Part Be My Lover SC8925-7
Raitt, Bonnie Runaway SC8925-12
raitt, bonnie something to talk about CBE1-28-12
Raitt, Bonnie Something To Talk About SC8925-15
Raitt, Bonnie Thing Called Love SC8925-5
Raitt, Bonnie Thing Called Love SC8371-14
Raitt, Bonnie You SC8925-4
Raitt, Bonnie You SC8371-12
Raitt, Bonnie & John Prine Angel From Montgomery (Live Version) SC8925-1
raitt,_bonnie have_a_heart SC8366-10
raitt,_bonnie love_letter SC8366-11
raitt,_bonnie not_the_only_one SC8366-13
Rama Lama Ding Dong Edsels, The CBEP455-5-14
Rama Lama Ding Dong Edsels, The RB18-14
Ramblin' Fever Haggard, Merle CB90025-1
RAMBLIN' FEVER Merle Haggard TCH0001-13
ramblin' man allman brothers band CB80004-5
Ramblin' Man Allman Brothers Band, KB33302-6
Ramblin' Rose Cole, Nat King CB90209-1
Ramblin' Rose Cole, Nat King SC7518-6
Ramblin' Rose Cole, Nat King CBEP469-5-10
Ramblin' Rose Cole, Nat King RB14-12
Ramones, The Beat On The Brat SC8939-9
Ramones, The KKK Took My Baby Away, The SC8939-15
Randolph, Robert & The Family Band I Need Mo~1 SC8855-2
Randy & The Rainbows Denise SC8429-4
randy crawford who's crying now SC8363-7
Randy Newman I Love La SC8510-11
Randy Rogers Band Down And Out CB60348-2
Randy Rogers Band, The Kiss Me In The Dark CB60356-8
Randy Travis A Man Ain't Made Of Stone SC8560-15
Randy Travis America Will Always Stand CB90279-1
Randy Travis An Old Pair Of Shoes CB90279-11
Randy Travis Better Class Of Losers CB90279-6
Randy Travis Box, The CB90279-14
Randy Travis Down With The Old(Up With The New) CB90279-7
Randy Travis Few Ole Country Boys, A CB90279-4
Randy Travis Forever Together CB90279-15
Randy Travis He Walked On Water SC8133-6
Randy Travis Heroes And Friends CB90279-12
Randy Travis I'd Surrender All CB90279-9
Randy Travis If I DIdn't Have You CB90279-5
Randy Travis Man Ain't Made Of Stone, A CB90279-10
Randy Travis Out Of My Bones CB90279-8
Randy Travis Spirit Of A Boy, Wisdom Of A Man CB90279-2
Randy Travis Three Wooden Crosses CB90279-3
Randy Travis Written In Stone CB90279-13
Rank Strangers Stanley Brothers, The  CBEP476-6-5
rapture blondie ZMP023-6
Rapture Blondie LG084-14
rascal flatts bless the broken road CB60334-3
Rascal Flatts Bless The Broken Road SC8898-7
Rascal Flatts Fast Cars And Freedom CB60338-4
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today SC8884-3
Rascal Flatts Feels Like Today CB60326-3
rascal flatts i'm movin' on CBE3-10-13
Rascal Flatts Me And My Gang CB60353-5
Rascal Flatts Me And My Gang SC8982-6
Rascal Flatts My Worst Fear CB60327-5
Rascal Flatts One Good Love CB60318-7
Rascal Flatts Prayin’ For Daylight CB60197-6
Rascal Flatts Skin SC8916-4
Rascal Flatts What Hurts The Most CB60349-3
Rascal Flatts, The Bless The Broken Road SC8944-9
Rascal Flatts, The Life Is A Highway CB60355-2
Rascall Flatts While You Loved Me TU037-15
Rascals, The Groovin' SC8353-4
Raspberries Go All The Way SC8706-5
Rasputin Boney, M ZMH006-15
Rated X Lynn, Loretta CB90073-12
Ratt Round & Round SC8210-10
Ratt Round And Round SC7579-7
Ravishing Ruby Hall, Tom T. CB90107-11
Rawhide Blues Brothers ZMP029-1
Rawhide TV Theme SC8116-7
Rawls, Lou A Natural Man SC8860-3
Ray What'd_I_Say_Ray_Charles SC8222-05_-0
Ray Charles Busted SC8142-5
Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart NUKH008-03-0
Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky Heart SAV18-03-0
Ray Of Light Madonna LG033-4
Ray Of Light Madonna CBEP457-3-10
Ray Price Invitation to the Blues SC8409-11
Ray, Johnnie Cry DK090-10
Raybon Brothers, The Butterfly Kisses CB80007-2
Raye i_volunteer SC8271-12_-0
Raye My Kind Of Girl SAV17-13-0
Raye & Ashton Gift, The SC8423-5
raye, collin anyone else CB80015-6
Raye, Collin Anyone Else SC8951-12
Raye, Collin Every Second CB60109-11
Raye, Collin I Can Still Feel You CB60080-12
Raye, Collin I Know That's Right CB60348-13
Raye, Collin In This Life CB80002-1
raye, collin love me MMCOU103-8
raye, collin love remains CB80003-4
Raye, Collin On The Verge CB80008-12
Raye, Collin One Boy, One Girl SC8186-13
Raye, Collin Somebody Else's Moon SC8291-10
raye, collin someone you used to know CB80011-11
Raye, Collin Starting Over Georgia CB60180-3
Raye, Collin That Was A River SC8228-4
Raye, Collin What If Jesus Comes Back Like That CB60303-1
Raye, Collin What If Jesus Comes Back Like That SC8224-8
raye, collin you still take me there SC8681-3
Rck-a-bye Heart Holy, Steve PHN0305-7
re-flex politics of dancing, the SC8678-1
reach estefan, gloria LG121-1
Reach Estefan, Gloria CBEP458-1-8
Reach S Club 7 ZML003-11
Reach Out (I'll Be There) Four Tops ZMGY66-5
Reach Out I'll Be There Four Tops CBEP472-2-11
Reach Out, I'll Be There Bolton, Michael MM6000-5
Reaching Out To Hold You West, Dottie CB90085-11
Read 'Em and Weep Meatloaf SFMW811-8
Ready For The Times To Get Better Gayle, Crystal CB90070-7
Ready Teddy Little Richard RB21-5
Ready To Run Dixie Chicks CB60179-2
Ready To Take A Chance Again Manilow, Barry MMSTA05-4
Real Good Man McGraw, Tim PHN0308-2
Real Good Man McGraw, Tim wvocal PHN0308-11
Real McCoy Another Night SC8746-11
Real Slim Shady, The Eminem SFMW804-1
Real Thing, The Stansfield, Lisa SFMW802-8
Real World Matchbox 20 CBEP458-4-4
Real World Matchbox Twenty CB90226-10
REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME Mickey Gilley THPP06-20-0
Reason, The Dion, Celine CBEP458-4-17
Reasons Earth, Wind & Fire RB01-8
Reba McEntire He Gets That From Me SD124-5
Reba Mcentire One Honest Heart SC8528-2
Reba Mcentire One Honest Heart SGB0017-8
Reba Mcentire With Brooks & Dunn If You See Him, If You See Her SC7588-14
reba mcintyre & brooks and dunn if you see him if you see her SC3072-2
Rebel Yell Idol, Billy ZMP035-8
Reckless Alabama SC8130-5
Red Clay Halo Smith, Valerie CBEP476-1-9
Red Hot Chili Peppers Aeroplane SC8340-4
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication SC8622-13
Red Hot Chili Peppers Sir Psycho Sexy SC8700-12
Red House Hendrix, Jimi SC7597-11
Red Light Special TLC SC8800-1
Red Light Spells Danger Ocean, Billy SFMW811-11
Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night Twitty, Conway CB90011-15
Red Peters Ballad Of A Dog Named Stains SC8927-15
Red Ragtop McGraw, Tim KB30672-9
Red Red Wine UB40 SC7529-6
Red Red Wine UB40 MM6189-13
red red wine ub40 KC004-14
Red Rider Lunatic Fringe SC8939-3
Red Roses For A Blue Lady Newton, Wayne CBEP469-6-10
Red Wine And Blue Memories Stampley, Joe CB90137-7
Red, Red Wine And Cheatin' Songs Stuart, Marty CB90275-3
Redding, Otis Can't Turn You Loose (Live Version) SC8863-15
redding, otis fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (sad song) SC8863-9
Redding, Otis Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay TU139-12
Redeemed Gospel CBEP456-2-5
Redeemer Mullen, Nicole C. SC8828-14
Redneck 12 Days Of Christmas ChristmasFoxworthy, Jeff CB60036-3
Redneck 12 Days of Christmas Foxworthy, Jeff CBEP462-6-16
Redneck Girl Bellamy Brothers CB90110-5
Redneck Woman Wilson, Gretchen SC3406-6
rednex, the cotton eye joe MMCOU101-16
reed, jerry good woman's love SC8697-13
Reed, Jerry She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft CB60285-3
Reed, Jerry When You're Hot, You're Hot CB60077-10
Reed, Jerry When You're Hot, You're Hot CB60278-10
Reeves What I Need SC8584-04_-0
Reeves, Jim Adios Amigo CB90052-2
Reeves, Jim Am I Losing You CB90052-4
Reeves, Jim Bimbo CB90052-12
Reeves, Jim Blue Boy CB90052-5
Reeves, Jim Blue Boy CB60135-7
Reeves, Jim Blue Side Of Lonesome CB90052-11
Reeves, Jim Distant Drums CB90052-13
Reeves, Jim Four Walls CB60272-6
Reeves, Jim Four Walls CB90052-10
Reeves, Jim He'll Have To Go CB90052-8
Reeves, Jim I Guess I'm Crazy CB90052-7
Reeves, Jim Is It Really Over CB90052-14
Reeves, Jim Mexican Joe CB90052-15
Reeves, Jim Missin' You CB90052-1
Reeves, Jim Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town CB90052-6
Reeves, Jim Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town CB60296-14
Reeves, Jim This Is It CB90052-3
Reeves, Jim This Is It SC8383-4
Reeves, Jim Welcome To My World CB90052-9
reeves, martha & the vandellas dancing in the street SC8863-10
reeves, martha & the vandellas jimmy mack SC8863-3
Reeves, Ronna My Heart Wasn't In It SC8294-2
Reeves, Ronna That's All Right With Me SC8291-14
Reflection Aguilera, Christina CBEP457-5-4
Refried Dreams McGraw, Tim KB21772-5
Refried Dreams McGraw, Tim CB60009-11
Refried Dreams McGraw, Tim CBEP453-6-16
Regina Belle If I Could SC8405-4
Release Me Humperdinck, Engelbert MMSTA05-1
Release Me Humperdinck, Engelbert ZMGY67-2
Release Me Humperdinck, Engelbert SC7518-5
Release Me Humperdinck, Engelbert SGB1004-11
Release Me Humperdinck, Engelbert MM6005-13
Release Me Presley, Elvis CB90062-6
Relient K Who I Am Hates Who I've Been (Radio Vers SC8958-8
REM Imitation Of Life 2 SC8699-14
Remember The Time Jackson, Michael CBEP458-3-12
Remember When Jackson, Alan PHN0401-3
Remember When Jackson, Alan wvocal PHN0401-12
Reminiscing Little River Band, The CBEP474-6-6
Rent (Movie Version) Seasons Of Love SC8957-3
REO Speedwagon Take It On The Run SC8210-6
Res They-Say Vision SC8758-15
Rescue Me Bass, Fontella CBEP459-1-8
Rescue Me Y And T SC8713-12
Rescue The Perishing Gospel CBEP456-2-3
Respect Franklin, Aretha CB90199-1
Respect Franklin, Aretha SGB1010-2
Respect Franklin, Aretha RB05-3
Respect Franklin, Aretha SC7504-11
Rest Of Mine, The Adkins, Trace CB60030-1
Rest Of Mine, The Adkins, Trace CBEP463-4-16
restless heart big dreams in a small town SC8692-2
restless heart fast movin' train SC8692-11
Restless Heart Fast Moving Train CB60087-13
Restless Heart Heartbreak Kid SC8697-1
Restless Heart Mending Fences SC8213-6
restless heart mending fences NS20-13
Restless Heart No End To This Road CB90028-3
Restless Heart Tender Lie, A CB90028-6
restless heart that rock won't roll SC8692-6
restless heart when she cries CB60106-11
Restless Heart When Somebody Loves You CB90028-5
restless heart why does it have to be wrong or right SC8692-8
Return To Me Martin, Dean MMSTA05-14
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis LG025-5
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis ZMP002-6
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis MM6014-7
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis ZML005-10
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis ZMGY62-13
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis CBEP465-2-14
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis SC7501-14
Return To Sender Presley, Elvis SC8154-14
Reunited Peaches & Herb SC7503-4
Reunited Peaches & Herb SGB1002-15
Revenge Of A Middle Aged Woman Tracy Byrd CB60329-4
Revenge Of A Middle-aged Woman Byrd, Tracy CB90287-12
Revive Us Again Gospel CBEP456-3-6
Revolution Beatles, The RSZ621-10
Rex Smith Take My Breath Away SGB0022-18
Reynolds, Debbie Tammy CB80039-6
reynolds, debbie tammy SC8396-11
Rhiannon Fleetwood Mac SC8188-12
Rhinestone Cowboy Campbell, Glen CBE1-04-7
Rhinestone Cowboy Campbell, Glen ZML005-17
Rhumba Boogie, The Snow, Hank CB90225-4
Rhythm Divine Iglesias, Enrique CBEP457-5-13
Rhythm Of The Rain Cascades, The SC7526-7
Rhythm Of The Rain Cascades, The SFMW803-14
Ribbon Of Darkness Robbins, Marty CB90066-4
Ribbon Of Darkness Smith, Connie CB60069-13
Rice, Chris When Did You Fall SC8983-2
Rich A very special love SC8412-06_-0
Rich Girl Gwen Stefani & Eve SCTP1-2-3
Rich Girl Gwen Stefani & Eve wvocal SCTP1-2-11
Rich Girl Hall & Oates CBEP474-3-2
Rich, Charlie Most Beautiful Girl In The World CB60077-1
Rich, Charlie Most Beautiful Girl In The World, The CB60278-1
Rich, Charlie She Called Me Baby CB60064-13
Rich, Charlie Take It On Home CB60079-2
Rich, John Forever Loving You CB60218-15
Rich,Charlie Easy Look SC8676-6
Richard, Cliff Bachelor Boy LG081-16
Richard, Cliff Best Of Me, The LG082-7
Richard, Cliff Congratulations LG082-1
Richard, Cliff Devil Woman LG082-5
Richard, Cliff Do You Wanna Dance LG082-8
Richard, Cliff Don't Talk To Him LG081-13
Richard, Cliff Fall In Love With You LG081-3
Richard, Cliff Gee Whiz It's You LG081-6
Richard, Cliff I Love You LG081-5
Richard, Cliff I Still Believe In You LG082-9
Richard, Cliff I'm Looking Out The Window LG081-10
Richard, Cliff In The Country LG082-3
Richard, Cliff It'll Be Me LG081-8
Richard, Cliff It's All In The Game LG081-14
Richard, Cliff ItÆs In Every One Of Us LG082-12
Richard, Cliff Living Doll LG081-2
Richard, Cliff Minute You're Gone, The LG081-9
Richard, Cliff Miss You Nights LG082-6
Richard, Cliff Mistletoe & Wine LG082-13
Richard, Cliff Move It LG081-1
Richard, Cliff My Pretty One LG082-14
Richard, Cliff Next Time, The LG081-12
Richard, Cliff Please Don't Tease LG081-4
Richard, Cliff Power To All Our Friends LG082-2
Richard, Cliff Silhouettes LG082-17
Richard, Cliff Some People LG082-11
Richard, Cliff Suddenly LG082-10
Richard, Cliff Summer Holiday LG081-17
Richard, Cliff Travelin' Light LG081-11
Richard, Cliff We DonÆt Talk Anymore LG082-15
Richard, Cliff When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl I LG081-7
Richard, Cliff Wind Me Up Let Me Go LG082-4
Richard, Cliff Wired For Sound LG082-16
Richard, Cliff Young Ones, The LG081-15
Richey, Kim From Where I Stand SC8267-13
Richie You Are SAV-P-8-0
Rick James Teena Marie Fire And Desire SC8984-3
Rick Trevino I Only Get This Way With You MM6199-13
Ricky Nelson Hello Mary Lou SC7541-10
Ricky Nelson Never Be Anyone Else But You SC8599-15
Ricochet Blink Of An Eye CB60043-3
ricochet honky tonk baby CB60105-4
Ricochet Honky Tonk Baby SC8480-10
Ricochet Love Is Stronger Than Pride SC8311-15
Riddle, The Kershaw, Nick ZMH002-7
Ride Captain Ride Blues Image CBEP464-1-7
Ride On Time Black Box SFMW817-9
Ride The Glory Train Cathedrals, The CBEP466-5-5
Ride, The Coe, David Allan CB60056-1
Ride, The Coe, David Allan CB90115-2
Ride, The Coe, David Allan CBEP452-4-16
Ridge Boys, The Elvira NUKH008-06-0
Ridin' Out The Heartache Tucker, Tanya CB60018-3
Riding With Private Malone Ball, David SC8727-8
Riding With Private Malone Ball, David MMCOU301-19
Right From The Start Conley, Earl Thomas CB90111-15
Right In The Wrong Direction Gosdin, Vern CB90106-12
Right Left Hand, The Jones, George CB60067-4
RIGHT ON THE MONEY Alan Jackson THC9812-20
RIGHT ON THE MONEY Alan Jackson - wvocals THC9812-10
Right On The Money Jackson, Alan CB90004-15
Right On The Money Jackson, Alan TU101-16
Right On Time McKameys, The CBEP466-5-11
Right Or Wrong Jackson, Wanda CBEP451-3-4
Right Or Wrong Jackson, Wanda CB60132-13
Right Or Wrong Strait, George CB60051-10
Right Or Wrong Strait, George CB90149-10
Right Place Wrong Time Dr. John MMRB01-18
Rihanna Unfaithful SC8983-6
Rimes Blue SAV18-01-0
Rimes but_i_do_love_you SC8705-09_-0
Rimes, LeAnn Blue CB90020-1
Rimes, LeAnn Blue SC8458-4
Rimes, LeAnn Bridge Over Troubled Water CB90020-13
Rimes, LeAnn Can't Fight The Moonlight CB80026-4
Rimes, LeAnn Clinging To A Saving Hand SC8458-9
Rimes, Leann Commitment CB60080-3
rimes, leann commitment CB80013-4
Rimes, LeAnn Commitment CB90020-7
Rimes, LeAnn Commitment SC8458-11
Rimes, LeAnn Cowboy's Sweetheart CB90020-9
rimes, leann god bless america CB80014-1
Rimes, LeAnn God Bless America SC8458-13
Rimes, LeAnn God Bless America CB90020-14
Rimes, LeAnn How Do I Live SC8458-5
Rimes, LeAnn Hurt Me SC8458-12
Rimes, LeAnn I Know Who Holds Tomorrow CB90020-15
Rimes, LeAnn I Know Who Holds Tomorrow SC8458-15
rimes, leann i need you SC8613-3
Rimes, LeAnn I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart SC8458-8
Rimes, LeAnn I'll Get Even With You SC8336-7
Rimes, LeAnn Light In Your Eyes, The CB90020-3
Rimes, Leann Light In Your Eyes, The CB80001-5
Rimes, LeAnn Light In Your Eyes, The SC8458-7
Rimes, LeAnn Looking Through Your Eyes CB90020-6
Rimes, LeAnn Looking Through Your Eyes SC8458-14
rimes, leann looking through your eyes CB80012-15
Rimes, LeAnn Nothin' New Under The Moon CB90020-4
Rimes, Leann Nothin' New Under The Moon SC8474-8
rimes, leann nothin' new under the moon CB60105-13
Rimes, LeAnn On The Side Of Angels CB90020-5
Rimes, LeAnn On The Side Of Angels SC8458-10
Rimes, LeAnn One Way Ticket SC8458-1
Rimes, LeAnn One Way Ticket CB90020-2
Rimes, LeAnn One Way Ticket (Because I Can) SC8328-1
Rimes, LeAnn Probably Wouldn't Be This Way CB60338-3
Rimes, LeAnn Probably Wouldn’t Be This Way SC8920-1
Rimes, LeAnn Purple Rain CB90020-12
Rimes, Leann Some People CB60355-11
Rimes, LeAnn Something's Gotta Give(1) CB60347-3
rimes, leann suddenly SC3362-5
Rimes, LeAnn Suddenly SD105-14
Rimes, LeAnn Ten Thousand Angels Cried SC8458-2
Rimes, LeAnn These Arms Of Mine CB90020-11
Rimes, Leann This Love SC8862-12
Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody SC8458-6
Rimes, LeAnn Unchained Melody CB90020-8
Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life SC8458-3
rimes, leann you light up my life CB80003-5
Rimes, LeAnn You Light Up My Life CB90020-10
Ring My Bell Ward, Anita CBEP468-4-9
Ring My Bell Ward, Anita SC7597-13
Ring Of Fire Cash, Johnny CBEP451-4-5
Ring Of Fire Cash, Johnny CB90074-6
Ring Of Fire Cash, Johnny SFMW815-6
ring ring abba SFG011-3
Ring Ring Dollar SFMW802-13
Rio Beautiful_Mess SC8764-06_-0
Rio Nowhere Bound. SC8157-13-0
rio sweet_summer SC8705-06_-0
Rio Grand Kill Me Now CB60354-5
Riot In Cell Block No Blues Brothers, The LG190-4
Rip It Up Little Richard RB17-8
Rip It Up Little Richard CBEP454-4-11
Rip Off The Knob Bellamy Brothers CB90110-6
Rise Gabrielle ZML003-3
rise gabrielle SFG012-11
Rise Knocking On Heavens Door Gabrielle SFMW845-10
Rise Again Holmes, Dallas CBEP466-2-11
Ritter, Tex Christmas Carols By The Old Corral CB90222-15
Ritter, Tex Daddy's Last Letter CB90222-12
Ritter, Tex Deck Of Cards CB90222-10
Ritter, Tex Have I Told You Lately That I Love You CB90222-8
Ritter, Tex I Dreamed Of A Hill Billy Heaven CB90222-13
Ritter, Tex I'm Wastin' My Tears On You CB90222-1
Ritter, Tex Jealous Heart CB90222-3
Ritter, Tex Just Beyond The Moon CB90222-14
Ritter, Tex Long Time Gone CB90222-6
Ritter, Tex Rock And Rye CB90222-11
Ritter, Tex Rye Whiskey CB90222-9
Ritter, Tex There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder CB90222-2
Ritter, Tex When You Leave Don't Slam The Door CB90222-7
Ritter, Tex You Two Timed Me One Time Too Often CB90222-4
Ritter, Tex You Will Have To Pay CB90222-5
Ritter, Tex & His Texans You Two-timed Me One Time Too Often CB60332-11
River Deep Mountain High Ike & Tina Turner ZMGY66-11
River Of Dreams, The Joel, Billy SC8121-9
River, The Brooks, Garth CBEP453-4-5
River, The Brooks, Garth CB60054-9
River, The Brooks, Garth TU049-9
River, The Wright, Chely CB60345-15
rivingtons, the papa oo mau mau MMOLD05-4
Roachford Way I Feel SFMW833-14
Road I'm On, The 3 Doors Down CBEP477-4-3
Road Runner Diddley, Bo RB22-10
Road Song Rich, Charlie CB90069-6
Road To Mandalay, The Williams, Robbie ZMP022-8
Road You Leave Behind, The Murphy, David Lee CB60004-15
Robbins El Paso NUKH008-18-0
Robbins, Dennis Mona Lisa On Cruise Control SC8260-14
Robbins, Marty Devil Woman CB60027-4
Robbins, Marty Don't Worry About Me CB60064-8
Robbins, Marty El Paso CB60251-14
Robbins, Marty El Paso City CB60296-7
Robbins, Marty Padre SC8792-4
Robbins, Marty Ribbon Of Darkness SC8383-6
Robert Cray Smoking Gun SGB0027-13
Roberts, Julie Break Down Here SC8904-6
roberts, julie break down here CB60321-14
Roberts, Julie Break Down Here SC8884-15
Roberts, Julie Chance, The SC8898-5
Roberts, Julie Chance, The CBEP484-6-13
Roberts, Julie First To Never Know CB60348-12
Roberts, Julie Girl Next Door CB60355-6
Roberts, Julie Men & Mascara CB60352-6
Roberts, Julie Men And Mascara SC8982-7
Roberts, Julie Wake Up Older CB60336-10
Roberts, Julie Wake Up Older SC8916-11
Robin Ford Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues SGB0027-4
Robin S Show Me Love SC8746-3
Robin Trower Lady Love SGB0004-11
Robinson, Smokey Being With You SC8284-4
Robinson, Smokey Rewind SC8244-4
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles I Second That Emotion SC8895-2
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Tracks Of My Tears TU139-17
Robison My Hometown CB60191-07-0
Robison, Charlie I Want You Bad CB60218-1
Robison, Charlie You're Not The Best CB60179-14
Robyn Show Me Love SC8423-2
Rock & Roll Party Queen Musical - Grease - Louis St. Louis SC8910-12
Rock 'N' Roll Dreams Come True Meatloaf SC8113-1
Rock And Roll Music Berry, Chuck CBEP454-6-16
Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley & His Comets SGB1005-20
Rock Around The Clock Bill Haley and His Comets SC1001-8
Rock Around the Clock Haley, Bill CBE1-14-4
Rock Around The Clock Haley, Bill & The Comets SC7508-1
Rock D.J. Williams, Robbie ZML003-13
Rock Dj Williams, Robbie ZMP022-9
rock me abba SFG011-10
Rock My Baby Shenandoah CB90033-8
Rock My World Brooks & Dunn KB21772-10
Rock My World (Little Country Girl) Brooks & Dunn SC7596-7
Rock My World Little Country Girl Brooks & Dunn SC8112-1
Rock My World Little Country Girl Brooks & Dunn CBE1-09-6
Rock My World Little Country Girl Brooks & Dunn CB90006-11
Rock N' Roll, I Gave You The Best Years Davis, Mac CB90116-8
Rock Of Ages Def Leppard SC8872-7
Rock Of Ages Gospel CBEP456-3-11
Rock Steady Franklin, Aretha SC8824-5
Rock Steady Raitt, Bonnie CB90190-5
Rock Steady Raitt, Bonnie & Bryan Adams CBEP471-4-13
Rock The Boat Hues Corporation, The CBEP464-5-8
Rock This Town Stray Cats, The CBEP467-3-1
Rock This Town Stray Cats, The MMCH01-4
Rock This Town Stray Cats, The SC7580-13
Rock This Town Stray Cats, The SGB1007-16
Rock Version, Silent Nigh CB60209-15
Rock Wit U (Awww Baby) Ashanti SC8834-1
Rock With You Jackson, Michael CBEP467-1-1
Rock Your Baby McCrae, George CBEP468-1-8
Rock-a-bye Heart Holy, Steve wvocal PHN0305-16
Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Jolson, Al MMSTA2-4-4
Rock-a-hula Baby Presley, Elvis ZMP002-2
Rocket Man John, Elton SC7575-6
Rockie Lynne Lipstick CB60346-10
Rockie Lynne More CB60359-15
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree ChristmasGilley, Mickey CB60187-5
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree ChristmasLee, Brenda CB60032-4
Rockin' Little Christmas Allen, Deborah CBEP462-5-1
Rockin' Little Christmas ChristmasAllen, Deborah CB60032-8
Rockin' Me Miller, Steve CBEP474-2-10
Rockin' Pneumonia Boogie Woogie Flu Rivers, Johnny SC7526-8
Rockin' Robin Day, Bobby SC7508-12
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Judds, The CBEP452-5-12
Rockin' Years Parton, Dolly & Ricky Van Shelton CBEP471-6-5
Rockin' Years Shelton, Ricky Van & Dolly Parton CB60041-8
rockin'_with_the_rhythm_of_the_rain Judds CB90010-13
Rocking Good Way, A Benton & Washington RB21-12
Rocking The Country Gregory, Clinton CB60179-7
Rockin’ With The Rhythm Of The Rain Judds, The SC7592-1
Rocky Horror Picture Show Dammit Janet SC8472-2
Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie SC8472-11
Rocky Horror Picture Show Fanfare SC8472-14
Rocky Horror Picture Show Hot Patootie-Bless My Soul SC8472-8
Rocky Horror Picture Show I Can Make You A Man SC8472-7
Rocky Horror Picture Show I Can Make You A Man SC8472-9
Rocky Horror Picture Show I'm Going Home SC8472-16
Rocky Horror Picture Show Over At The Frankenstein Place SC8472-3
Rocky Horror Picture Show Planet, Schmanet, Janet SC8472-12
Rocky Horror Picture Show Rose Tint My World Floor Show SC8472-13
Rocky Horror Picture Show Science Fiction Double Feature SC8472-1
Rocky Horror Picture Show Super Heroes SC8472-17
Rocky Horror Picture Show Sweet Transvestite SC8472-5
Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp, The SC8472-4
Rocky Horror Picture Show Wild & Untamed Thing SC8472-15
Rocky Mountain High Denver, John CB60129-5
Rocky Mountain High Denver, John PS1259-13
Rocky Mountain High Denver, John wvocal PS1259-3
Rocky Mountain Music Rabbitt, Eddie CB90078-5
Rocky Top Osborne Brothers, The CB60025-13
Rocky Top Osborne Brothers, The CBE1-02-15
Rocky Top Standard SC8106-4
Rocky Top Traditional SC7522-10
rod stewart i don't want to talk about it SC8363-1
Rodeo Brooks, Garth CB60054-10
Rodeo Brooks, Garth TU049-10
rodgers, jimmie oh oh i'm falling in love again SC8396-8
Rodriguez, Johnny You Can Say That Again SC8311-7
roe, tommy everybody SC8258-11
Roe, Tommy Shelia CB80044-11
roe, tommy sweet pea SC8396-13
Roger Dang Me CB60270-14_-0
Roger Miller Chug-A-Lug CB90126-2
Roger Miller Dang Me CB90126-3
Roger Miller Do-Wacka-Do CB90126-13
Roger Miller Engine Engine #9 CB90126-5
Roger Miller England Swings CB90126-8
Roger Miller Husbands And Wives CB90126-9
Roger Miller Kansas City Star CB90126-7
Roger Miller King Of The Road CB90126-1
Roger Miller Little Green Apples CB90126-11
Roger Miller Loving Her Was Easier CB90126-14
Roger Miller My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died CB90126-15
Roger Miller One Dyin' And A Buryin' CB90126-6
Roger Miller Walkin' In The Sunshine CB90126-10
Roger Miller When Two Worlds Collide CB90126-12
Roger Miller You Can't Rollerskate In A Buffalo Herd CB90126-4
rogers, jimmie honeycomb CB80039-7
rogers, kenny beautiful CB80030-15
Rogers, Kenny Buy Me A Rose CB60193-15
Rogers, Kenny Coward Of The County CB60027-10
Rogers, Kenny Crazy CB60286-9
Rogers, Kenny Gambler, The CB60250-11
Rogers, Kenny I Can't Unlove You CB60347-11
Rogers, Kenny There You Go Again TU037-13
Rogers, Kenny Through The Years CB60285-6
Rogers, Kenny Twenty Years Ago SC8421-2
Rogers, Kenny Vows Go Unbroken, The CB60149-6
Rogers, Kenny Vows Go Unbroken, The SC8217-14
Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton With Bells On CB60303-13
rogers, kenny & holly dunn maybe NS20-10
Rogers, Kenny & Whitney Duncan My World Is Over CB60325-11
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Flatt & Scruggs CB60060-8
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms Flatt & Scruggs CBEP451-5-12
Roll Muddy River Wilburn Brothers CB60071-13
Roll Muddy River Wilburn Brothers CBE3-01-14
Roll On Big Mama Stampley, Joe CB90137-1
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler Alabama CB90001-6
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler Alabama SC7592-9
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler Alabama THMP018-14
Roll On Eighteen Wheeler Alabama CBE1-06-15
Roll Over Beethoven Berry, Chuck CBEP454-3-15
Roll With It Winwood, Steve LG069-2
Roll With It Winwood, Steve SD003-7
Rollercoaster B'Witched CBEP457-3-4
Rollin' And Ramblin' Harris, Emmylou CB60129-3
Rollin' And Ramblin' Harris, Emmylou CB90016-12
Rollin' With The Flow Rich, Charlie CB90069-2
Rolling Stones Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) SC8820-8
Rolling Stones Mixed Emotions SC8820-13
rolling stones out of tears SC8374-12
Rolling Stones Star Star SC8820-11
Rolling Stones Under My Thumb SC8100-9
Rolling Stones Undercover Of The Night SC8820-15
Rolling Stones You Got Me Rocking SC8820-9
rolling stones, the ain't too proud to beg SC8670-1
rolling stones, the angie SC8670-4
rolling stones, the beast of burden SC8670-7
Rolling Stones, The Brown Sugar SFMW820-5
rolling stones, the dance little sister SC8670-9
rolling stones, the fool to cry SC8670-11
rolling stones, the happy SC8670-12
rolling stones, the it's only rock and roll SC8670-8
Rolling Stones, The Let's Spend The Night To SC8100-15
Rolling Stones, The Love Is Strong SC8238-2
rolling stones, the miss you SC8670-5
rolling stones, the not fade away SC8670-10
rolling stones, the rip this joint SC8670-14
Rolling Stones, The Rock And A Hard Place SC8820-1
rolling stones, the shattered SC8670-6
Rolling Stones, The She's So Cold SC8820-6
rolling stones, the some girls SC8670-13
rolling stones, the start me up SC8670-3
rolling stones, the tumbling dice SC8670-2
rolling stones, the waiting on a friend SC8670-15
Romeo Parton, Dolly & Friends SC8105-4
Romeo And Juliet Dire Straits ZMH002-15
Rondstadt Ooh_baby_baby SC7549-05_-0
Ronnie Hawkins Mary Lou SC8521-12
Ronnie James Dio Holy Diver SC8516-3
Ronnie Montrose Rock Candy SGB0025-12
Ronstadt, Linda Blue Bayou CB90176-3
Ronstadt, Linda Blue Train, The SC8170-6
Ronstadt, Linda Different Drum CB90176-4
Ronstadt, Linda How Do I Make You CB90176-5
Ronstadt, Linda I'll Be Home For Christmas SC8899-9
Ronstadt, Linda I've Got A Crush On You CB90176-8
Ronstadt, Linda It's So Easy CB90176-6
Ronstadt, Linda Love Is A Rose CB90176-1
Ronstadt, Linda Love Is A Rose CB60296-15
Ronstadt, Linda Poor Poor Pitiful Me SC8886-2
Ronstadt, Linda Silver Threads & Golden Needles CB90176-2
Ronstadt, Linda Silver Threads & Golden Needles CB60296-6
Ronstadt, Linda Silver Threads & Golden Needles CBE1-03-6
Ronstadt, Linda That'll Be The Day CB90176-7
Ronstadt, Linda That'll Be The Day CB60285-11
Ronstadt, Linda What's New CB90176-11
ronstadt, linda when will i be loved CBE1-26-8
Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved CB90176-10
Ronstadt, Linda When Will I Be Loved CB60122-15
Ronstadt, Linda You're No Good CB90176-9
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville All My Life CB90176-12
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville Don't Know Much CB90176-13
Ronstadt, Linda & Aaron Neville When Something Is Wrong With My Baby CB90176-14
Ronstadt, Linda & James Ingram Somewhere Out There CB90176-15
Room Full Of Roses, A Gilley, Mickey CB90077-2
Room To Breathe McEntire, Reba CB90276-9
Rope The Moon Montgomery, John Michael SC8120-4
Rosanna Toto CBEP467-2-4
Rose Colored Glasses Conlee, John CB90100-2
Rose Garden Anderson, Lynn ZML002-8
Rose Garden Anderson, Lynn CBE1-03-10
Rose Garden Anderson, Lynn SC7507-13
Rose Garden Lee, Brenda SGB1003-15
Rose Garden, (I Never Promised You A) Mcbride, Martina SC8936-8
Rose of San Antone Cline, Patsy CB60023-6
Rose Royce Car Wash SFMW807-13
rose royce i wanna get next to you SC8863-7
Rose Royce I'm Going Down SC8405-2
Rose Royce Love Don't Live Here Anymore SC8776-10
Rose, The Midler, Bette SGB1002-2
Rose, The Midler, Bette MMSTA2-4-5
Rose, The Midler, Bette SC7506-11
Roses McEntire, Reba CB90276-13
Roses Mountain Heart  CBEP476-6-2
Roses Are Red Vinton, Bobby SC7526-10
Roses Are Red My Love Vinton, Bobby CBEP455-4-7
Rosie & The Originals Angel Baby SC8521-13
ross, diana love child SC8396-10
Ross, Diana Take Me Higher SC8209-14
Ross, Diana Waiting In The Winds SC8244-10
Ross, Diana & The Supremes Reflections SC8860-6
Rossington Collins Band Don't Misunderstand Me(1) SC8479-8
roth, david lee just like paradise SC8684-8
Rough Edges Wildfire  CBEP476-3-11
Round About Way Strait, George CB60059-6
Round About Way Strait, George CB90018-13
Round About Way Strait, George MMCOU203-19
Roxanne Police, The LG024-1
Roxanne Police, The CBEP474-6-10
roxette it_must_have_been_love SC8366-2
Roxette Listen To Your Heart SC8371-1
Roxie Zellweger, Ren#e SC8834-4
Roxy Music Avalon SFMW832-2
roxy music avalon SC8671-4
Roxy Music Over You SFMW832-6
roy orbison california blue SFMW854-12
Royal, Billy Joe I'm Okay & Gettin' Better SC8309-8
Rub It In Craddock, Billy Crash CB90121-1
Rub Me The Right Way Martin, Brad SD101-13
Rub-a-dub-dub Thompson, Hank CB60333-1
rubber ball vee, bobby ZMP024-2
Rubber Biscuit Blues Brothers, The LG190-11
Rubber Neckin' Presley, Elvis CBEP465-3-13
Rubberband Man, The Spinners, The CBEP468-2-10
ruby & the romantics hey there lonely boy MM6113-8
Ruby (Are You Mad At Your Man) Owens, Buck CB90084-3
Ruby Ann Robbins, Marty CB90066-5
Ruby Tuesday Melanie SFMW802-11
Ruby, Are You Mad Osborne Brothers, The & Red Allen CBEP476-2-14
Ruby, Baby Craddock, Billy Crash CB90121-2
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny CB60025-4
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny CB90051-8
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition SC7525-8
Rudolph The Red-Nose Reindeer Kids CBEP462-2-8
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Autrey, Gene SC8086-8
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas CB60031-10
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer ChristmasReminiscing SC7030-1
Ruffin, David My Whole World Ended TU139-4
Ruffin, David Walk Away From Love SC8860-8
Ruffin, Jimmy What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted SC8860-15
Ruffin, Jimmy What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted TU139-19
Rufus Tell Me Something Good SC8704-15
Rufus & Chaka Khan Ain't Nobody SC8886-13
rule, ja, lil' mo & vita put it on me SC8680-7
Rumor Has It McEntire, Reba CB60053-11
Rumor Has It McEntire, Reba CB90151-11
Rumor Has It Walker, Clay CB60012-14
Run Strait, George MMCOU303-1
Run Around Blues Traveler CBEP458-5-12
Run Away Real McCoys, The CBEP458-3-5
Run For Home Lindisfarne ZMH004-5
Run To Him Vee, Bobby SFMW813-5
run to him vee, bobby ZMP024-8
Run To Me Bee Gees, The SFMW838-8
run to my lovin' arms fury, billy ZMP020-7
Run To You Houston, Whitney SC8111-6
Run, Run, Run Tyler, Ryan PHN0312-3
Run, Run, Run Tyler, Ryan wvocal PHN0312-12
Runaround Sue Dion SC7504-13
Runaround Sue Dion & The Belmonts SGB1005-10
Runaway Del Shannon SC1006-5
Runaway Jackson, Janet CBEP457-2-2
Runaway Raitt, Bonnie CB90190-11
Runaway Shannon, Del CBEP455-5-3
Runaway Shannon, Del ZMGY61-3
Runaway Shannon, Del ZML001-13
Rundgren, Todd Bang The Drum All Day SC8706-8
Rundgren, Todd Hello It's Me SC8706-10
Rundgren, Todd I Saw The Light SC8706-2
Running Away Hoobastank CBEP477-4-2
Running Bear James, Sonny CB90090-1
Running Bear James, Sonny CBEP451-6-5
Running Bear Preston, Johnny CBEP455-3-5
Running Bear Preston, Johnny ZMGY60-5
Running In The Family Level 42 ZMH008-2
Running Out Of Reasons To Run Trevino, Rick CB60006-7
Running Scared Orbison, Roy CBEP455-4-17
Rush Fly By Nightin The Mood SGB0025-10
Rush Limelight SC8406-5
rush subdivisions SC8942-6
Rush Hour Wiedlin, Jane ZMH008-11
rushlow, tim she misses him CB80028-7
Rushlow, Tim Sweet Summer Rain CB60325-6
Rushlow-Harris That's So You CB60360-11
russell rednecks,_white_socks_&_blue_ribbon_beer SC8541-08_-0
russell, johnny rednecks, white socks and blue ribbon be CB80105-8
Russell, Leon Tight Rope SC8479-4
Ryan Caberra On The Way Down SC8888-1